If you are planning a fall wedding, take advantage of the beautiful fall colors and incorporate them into your reception. Decorate your tables with fall-colored centerpieces and further the theme by having your catering company create a few delicious fall-colored dishes as well. 

Table Decorations

One of the easiest ways to embrace the colors of fall at your reception is by incorporating the reds, oranges, and browns that are associated with fall into your table decorations. Here are a few table decoration ideas that incorporate fall colors and natural items into your reception:   

  • Pumpkins: A really easy way to incorporate fall colors into your wedding is with pumpkins. You can purchase a large variety of different sized pumpkins -- anything from a mini-pumpkin to a jumbo pumpkin -- at your local farmer's market or pumpkin field. You can place the pumpkins on your food tables and guest tables as easy centerpieces. You can even add fall leaves around your pumpkins for a little more color and detail.
  • Colorful Corn & Wheat: Another great way to incorporate natural elements into your reception is by using wheat stalks and colorful fall corn. You can set out colorful corn and wheat stalks in the center of your dining and food tables. You can even put the wheat in a vase and surround it by corn and candles for a little more elegance with your fall decorations. 
  • Leaves & Acorns: You can also decorate your tables with leaves and acorns. You can gather together colorful fall leaves and display them in a vase. You can surround your vases with tea light candles and acorns. 

You can use one of the table decoration ideas above or you can incorporate these ideas together and use them at different tables.

Fall Food

In addition to decorating with fall colors, you can add a few splashes of color through your food choices. Here are a few easy ways you can incorporate your fall color scheme into your food choices:

  • Soup: Instead of serving more traditional styles of soup at your wedding such as chicken noodle and minestrone, embrace fall flavors and colors. For a splash of red, serve a roasted tomato and bell pepper soup. For a splash of orange, serve either a squash, carrot or pumpkin soup.
  • Fall Salad: There are lots of great fruits and vegetables that are abundant in the fall that make great salads. Consider serving:
    • carrot and apple slaw
    • pumpkin seeds, feta and grape salad
    • spinach salad with caramelized onions, roasted almonds, and crisp apples
  • Fall Desserts: Finally, skip the traditional wedding cake and serve some fun fall desserts that incorporate your color scheme, such as:
    • Pumpkin Pie
    • Pumpkin Roll
    • Apple Pie
    • Sweet-Potato Meringue Pie

Incorporate fall into every aspect of your wedding by using natural fall elements to decorate your guest tables and food tables. Be sure to talk to a local catering service (such as Cheers Catering wedding catering) as well about incorporating your color scheme into your food choices.