If you own a catering company, you might cater to an event that wants an ice luge. An ice luge is a frozen ice sculpture that you pour alcohol down. The liquid is cooled by the ice and flows right into your mouth. You can make ice luges in many shapes and sizes uses molds. To get the most out of your ice luge molds follow these tips and ideas:

Cold Water

Fill your molds with cold water. You have to freeze the molds in steps. You pour some water and then let it freeze. Pour more water and let it freeze again. If you pour warm water over ice it will crack. Either let the tap water run very cold or make ice water.

Slow Freeze

The best way to get clear, perfect ice is to freeze it very slowly. You need to freeze the mold at a temperature close to freezing, or around 30 degrees Fahrenheit. You can do this by lowering the temperature of your freezer. If you don't want to use your freezer then purchase or rent a dorm-sized refrigerator and turn the temperature down as far as it will go. Make sure to freeze your mold days in advance of your event.


Before you remove the ice from the mold, you need acclimate it to room temperature. This not only makes it easier to remove from the mold but also helps prevent cracking. If the ice hits the warm air, it will crack. Place the mold on a towel and leave it there for 15 to 20 minutes. Then remove it from the mold by following the directions provided. You can place the luge back in the freezer after.


While ice luges look awesome as is, you can make them even cooler with some decorations.

Colored water: Add food coloring to the water before freezing it in the mold. You can color only certain parts of the mold, such as the designs that stand out. Fill only that area with the colored water and then let it freeze before adding more water.

Flavors: You can flavor the ice, too. For something simple, just use flavored water. You can also add juices to the mold, but keep in mind that juices and other sugary liquids won't freeze as hard as plain water. It will take even longer to freeze.

Gelatin: Add some flavor and texture to the ice luge with flavored gelatin. Use gelatin for those parts that stand out from the mold, such as the main design. Fill the area with the mixed gelatin and let it freeze before adding water to finish the mold.

Objects: Toss objects into the water when you freeze the mold for some fun decorations. When the luge melts, people can take the objects as souvenirs.

For more information, contact a catering company in your area.